Katie’s Mouse Trap Car

Katie and Ana participated in the Science Olympiad at their schools before Christmas.  They both went to Bozeman, MT for the state finals.  Ana studied birds, and Katie made a mouse trap car.  Here are a couple of photos of the mouse trap car.  It had to go forward a certain distance, stop, and reverse the same distance, without any human intervention.  It took a lot of brain power trying to figure out how to make it all work, but we did it!  Good job Ana and Katie on your projects.  Click on the pictures to see larger views.

(UPDATE 3/17/10 – Due to the large response on searching for “Reversible Moustrap Cars”, I made a “How To” video showing how we made our Mousetrap Car reversible.   Check it out by clicking HERE. )

– John

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6 Responses to Katie’s Mouse Trap Car

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  2. John says:

    I don’t remember what the requirements were, but It did run the full length and back as it should with a separate mouse trap used for each direction.
    – John

  3. Bryan Roberts says:

    could you tell me the supplies required for this and a breif explaination of how to do it please?

  4. John says:

    Sorry, there are so many options to make a mousetrap car. I suggest you check out our video at http://mcdougallshome.net/2010/03/17/reversible-mousetrap-car/. There are lots of resources out there to help you. Our little video is not a “how to” or intended to be one. Have fun, research, and innovate.


  5. Rosemond says:

    What are the silver things used to reduce friction called

  6. Rosemond says:

    What are the silver things used to reduce friction called?

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