Merry Christmas 2012
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McDougall Home

Merry Christmas.  Here are the “vital stats” of the McDougalls Home at the moment.

McDougalls Home fall 2012John is putting a lot of miles traveling around the state of Montana for his job with the Montana Department of Transportation.  Unfortunately, he has been spending a lot of time way out in eastern Montana this past year.  Montana is a huge state, and takes a long time to travel from one end to the other.

Carol is still at Clancy School as a Resource Room Aid.  It is a very busy job for her and she comes home very tired.  It is nice having a job at the school though, as she is off when the kids are off.

HeatherHeather is doing well in Malta, teaching at the East Malta Hutterite Colony.  She also moonlights at a Christian Book Store in Malta.  In her spare time, she is very active at church, and she has started a community theatre group and has put on two community plays so far.  Wow!
KatieWe have two Seniors this year!  Katie and Desire’ are coasting through, aiming at the finish line.

Katie is having an enjoyable time in “Film” class.  She made one video that was very well done.  It is call “Carpe Diem” and can be seen HERE.  She is working on a sequel called “Carpe Noctem.  We know it will be great too.  Katie is also in photography.  She enjoys editing photos with “Gimp”, a photoshop like program.  Katie really likes the “visual” type of arts.  Katie also takes horse riding lessons.

DesireDesire’ loves volleyball, and did a great job having fun with the sport.  She is in National Honor Society, and Drama.  Desire’ was given the lead role in the school play “Annie“.  She has never acted before and did such a terrific job.  Her singing is beautiful.  You can see the whole play in HERE in a youtube video and a bunch of photos from Annie can be viewed HERE.  Desire’ loves singing and has made a couple of personal CD’s of herself.  She has also made a couple of videos, and one can be seen HERE on her youtube channel.
AnaAna is a sophomore.  Like Desire’, Ana loves to play volleyball, and had a lot of fun playing.  What she loves even more though, is basketball and is currently on the basketball team.  What she loves even more than basketball, is horses.  Ana is nuts about them and is taking horse riding lessons, and is doing fantastic.  She is a natural on a horse, and they (the horses and her) get along beautifully.
AliaAlia is in the 7th grade and just turned 13.  That means we have four teenage girls under one roof.  Poor J.J. and Dad.  It gets quite interesting sometimes.  Alia also takes horse riding lessons.  Even though she is in the 7th grade, she is still small, and very small compared to a big horse, but she loves it.  She also plays the flute in the school band.  We would not say, that  playing the flute is her favorite thing, but she is trudging through it.  Same with math. ugh!  Alia is on the honor roll (actually, all of the girls are on the Honor Roll), inspite of her dislike of math.  Good Job Alia!
JamesJames (J.J.) is in the 3rd grade now, and he is a VERY active boy. He runs and runs and runs.  It is very hard to keep up with him.  As you may know, J.J. has some genetic problems.  One test on him reported that J.J. would probably never be able to read.  Well, all of his sisters are avid readers, and he was pretending to read books long before he was in school.  With practice, practice, and lots of patience, J.J.’s reading level is up to the second grade level.  We praise God for that, and J.J. is also learning how to add and subtract!  This might not seem like much, but it is worlds beyond what some said he would be able to do.  Keep it up J.J.

Merry Christmas!

We remember at Christmas time and actually, the whole year through, that the world is a broken and fallen place.  We all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God.  We know that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.  That gift of God, comes through a personal relationship with Jesus.  This Jesus that came as a baby, and grew to die for my sins and yours.  We hope and pray that you will fully embrace God’s gift at this time of the year.   It is FREE!

John, Carol, Katie, Desire’, Ana, Alia, and James

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