RigolettoA few years ago, while going to garage sales, we picked up a movie named “Rigoletto”. We usually don’t pick up movies that we know nothing about, but this one intrigued us. We watched it several times in the past couple of years and viewed it again last night. What a great story! This is what “Feature Films For Families” say about it.

“Returning hurt for hurt never helped anybody,” young Bonnie said. But what is she to make of the hurtful Ribaldi who has moved into Castle Gate and threatened to evict her family? When she goes to work in his mysterious old mansion, she helps him see that the ugliness he holds inside is far worse than his hideous appearance. And she soon sees that this “beast ” is a master singer and teacher who can help her unlock the beauty of her own voice. As Ribaldi teaches Bonnie to sing, her kindness melts the ice around his heart to reveal goodness and a rare wisdom that has been buried for years. Although the children of the town discover his beautiful soul, some of their parents allow ugly rumors to fuel the fires of their hate. Don’t miss the stirring finish as this musical masterpiece builds to a crescendo.

It is a great movie, and talks about the song within us. God has placed a special song within each of our hearts. May our life songs sing praise to You.