2008 Men’s Advance – Dave Roever

2008 Montana Men’s Advance Dave Roever I spent this last weekend with about a dozen men from our Church and about 400 men from around the state. We were in Butte, MT for our annual “Men’s Advance.” We used these couple of days, worshiping our Lord, learning, listening, and having great Christian fellowship with other men. Our speaker this year was Dave Roever. He is a Vietnam Vet who had a phosphorous grenade go off near his head and had half of his face ripped off and most of his body melted off. Dave has a very powerful ministry, especially to teens, young adults, and to Veterans. Dave honored the Vets in the crowd, including my dad.

Brad Hearon Dave was accompanied by Brad Hearon, who’s life had wandered from the Lord, and ended up being severely burned when a meth lab in a car blew up. What powerful testimonies these two men have. Sunday morning, they spoke at First Assembly of God (our Mother Church) here in Helena, and had a nice write up about them in Monday’s Helena Independent Record newspaper. Dave also has a powerful ministry to lost and forgotten troops called Eagles Summit Ranch.

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And, here is a short blurry video of Dave Roever playing the guitar and singing to us.

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