The Spelling Bee

Desire’ steps up to the microphone… Jefferson County schools have been having a series of Spelling Bees. Clancy School, being part of the Jefferson County school system, was no exception. Our daughter Desire’ made it to the finals for Clancy School and was invited to the County Spelling Bee in Boulder. Tonight (Thursday) was the night. The family piled into our Dodge, and we wound our way over the mountain to Jefferson High School in Boulder. Desire’ nervously waited along with about 30 or so other students, who were also sweating it out. There was a trial round of words as a warm up, then the real thing! Though, Desire’ did not win, we are so proud of her for doing her best and was included in the group of the Clancy’s best spellers. The young lady that did win the Spelling Bee, was also from Clancy. Go Cougars! Desire’, we are proud of you.

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