Silver Ring Thing

SRT Many of the youth in our church went through a six week class called “The Silver Ring Thing“. The Silver Ring Thing is the fastest growing teen abstinence program in the United States. Thousands of young adults around the country are choosing a higher standard than society places on them. While society bombards the youth of today with the message, “you are going to do ‘it’ anyway”, thousands are successfully defying this message by being pure for their life-long mate. Two of our young adults have chosen to remain pure and when they reached adulthood, we honored them with a silver “purity ring”. They also went through the “Silver Ring Thing” at our church and got another very nice ring to go with the first. We are so proud of them for, again, committing them selves to purity. When they do find that life-long mate, they will give their rings to their husband on their wedding night. Good job girls.

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