An Unpleasant Phone Call to Make

Click for Fire Safety Web Site Tonight, I had the unpleasant task of making a phone call I would rather not have to make. Carol and I were on our way to our Cleansing Discipleship class that we have attended the past couple of years. We were just approaching the small town of Clancy when Carol said something to the affect, “That house is on fire. There is smoke coming out of it everywhere!” I immediately pulled off the interstate at the Clancy exit and headed back south on the frontage road where she saw the house. Smoke was indeed billowing out of a broken window, a door, and under the eves of the house. Carol handed me the cell phone and I punched in “911”. There was a garage near the house and several people came running out of it and just noticed the house. Apparently, no one was in the house as they were all in the garage. What a sad sight. We zinged up a short prayer for them and waited for the fire trucks. Volunteers started arriving shortly. We had to continue on into East Helena for our class. We hope and pray the fire was not too extensive, but while we were there for the short time, we could hear windows breaking, and small flames licking the edges of a window, and lots and lots of smoke. It could happen to any of us. Be careful and be safe.