CQoogle and CQTube

CQoogle logoCQoogle and CQTube are two new Amateur (Ham) Radio web sites Amateur Radio Operators might be interested in.

CQoogle is a search site that combines the searches from several search sites and filters the non-ham radio stuff out.  You can list your own Ham Radio site on CQoogle.  I would suspect, as more and more Hams use CQoogle, the more it will be refined.  From the little bit that I used it so far, I am real pleased with it.  Give CQoogle a try.


From the makers of CQoogle, comes CQTube.  As the name implies, CQTube is a multimedia site tailored specifically for Ham Radio Enthusiasts.  I believe this site will become a great resource for Hams once more people post their multimedia clips to CQTube.  It may not be the best promotional tool for those that do not know what Ham Radio is all about though, because it will not have the wide spread use that YouTube and other multimedia sites have.  I encourage you to post your clips to CQTube to increase the base of useful information for the Radio Amateur.

What do you think of these sites?  Let us know.