Dog Trainer – Antenna Launcher?

As many of you know, I am an Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator. I have a dipole antenna hung in the trees, but not high enough. When I strung my antenna, I took a rock, tied a light rope to it, and tossed it underhand, as high as I could. After several attempts, I reached a spot in the tree that was secure, but not nearly as high as I would have liked. What I needed, was a “Wrist Rocket“, a sling shot type of gadget that has a mechanical advantage. That was three years ago.

Now, yesterday, while I was roaming through Wal-Mart, I happened across a pallet of boxes marked “Hyper Products – Dummy Launcher“. This is a device very similar to a Wrist Rocket, but is actually made to launch a “Dummy” to train you favorite hunting dog. The price? A mere $5.00. I immediately picked one and purchased it. Today, after work, I went out to the back yard and tried this new device out. I am able to launch the supplied “dummy” about three times as high as my current dipole is situated. I may attempt to try a lighter “load” as the dummy is quite heavy and “dog durable”. I checked for this product on-line and it runs for $19.95 at the one on-line store I looked at and high as “32.56. HA!

So, for your own “wire antenna launcher”, run out to Wal-Mart before they are all gone and pick one up for five bucks.

73, John