April Showers?

Today, we woke up to a beautiful ‘spring’ day. Yes, it’s spring time in the Rockies. The April Showers turned into a good spring snow storm. About half of the state got inundated with a pretty powerful winter storm. It’s a good thing though, that we have a plow. Right?

Bad news. Yesterday, I started the plow truck up and it started just fine. I had the choke on a bit too much, and when I got out to make sure the hubs were in for four wheel drive, the truck chugged and quit. I went back in to restart it and “nothing”. The lights didn’t dim or anything. I crawled under the truck to investigate the starter, and a nut on a terminal on the solenoid came off. I tightened the nut, but it didn’t do anything. I fear that I am going to have to take the starter out and rebuild the solenoid. In the mean time, we have no show plow, and no garage to fix it in. Please, pray that we can get up the hill because of all of these “April Showers”. Enjoy the show. In a couple of months, we will be thankful for it.