Some Catching Up

Here is some catching up of pictures that have been piling up. The first few are of my birthday that has come and gone again. J.J. had a good time with the balloons which were leftover from Melodee’s birthday.

Then, some of Ana. Her class had an essay writing contest about D.A.R.E. Ana won the award for the best essay from her class. Great job Ana!

A couple of girls from the Missoula Children’s Theater came to the kids school to put on a cute play of the “Piped Piper“. All of the actors, except one from the Missoula’s Children’s Theater, were from the kids school. All of the auditions, practices and performances were done within four days. WOW! The kids did great and Alia did a great job playing Rat #1. See how cute she was in the play. Great job Alia!

Click the picture to see the Photo Album of all these fun events.