Happy Mother’s Day Moms

Cisssy and Bill Padgett Today for Mother’s Day, we journeyed to Butte and spent most of the day with my mother and father.  We went early enough to go to church with them.  We were pleased, that it so happened, on this same day, Cissy Padgett was speaking and singing at Butte Assembly of God.  We have been fans of Cissy for several years and the kids were excited about being able to hear her again. Of course, we purchased her latest CD, Sweeter As the Days Go By.

We then went out for a simple lunch and afterwords went to my parents house to hang out for a few hours.  The kids love to go to Butte and play at Grandma and Grampa’s house.  We are blessed to have such a great heritage on both my wife’s side and my side.  There are many jokes about parents and even more about in-laws.  Carol and I can honestly say, “We love our parents and In-laws”.  And a big thank you for putting up with us all of our lives, and thank you for speaking into our lives even to this day.

And, this heritage has been passed down to my wife, a WONDERFUL mother of six beautiful children.

Happy Mothers Day Carol, and Happy Mothers Day Moms.