Beautiful Day – Beautiful Night

What a beautiful day it has been. Right now, at 9:45 p.m., the temperature is still, a very nice, 66 degrees. It was up in the 90’s earlier. I chanced it, and took the snow plow off the truck, and pulled out the camper to get it ready for Memorial Day Weekend. Right now, the family is sitting out on the deck, enjoying the weather. Carol looked down at the top of the camper and one of the vent covers was shattered to pieces. We thought it might have been like that all winter; but after further inspection, nothing seemed damp, or milldewy. Praise, the Lord. There was not even a sign of water. Our humble camper is getting smaller and smaller as our five children are getting bigger and bigger.

The girls are in their pj’s and reading books on the deck. The moon is nearly full, and the air is cool. You can’t beat it. What a beautiful night the Lord has given us. Thank You!