Katie Healed

Several days ago, Katie started complaining that her knee hurt.  It eventually got so bad, she pulled the crutches out of storage and started using them.  On Sunday, a large bruise looking thing started to develop on the side of her leg near the knee.  We brought her into the Emergency Room.  After FIVE hours, an X-ray taken, blood tested, and a biopsy taken of the fluid in the knee, and an I.V., the Doctor came up scratching his head.  He gave us a prescription for a pain killer and antibiotics just incase it was an infection, even though he said that he doubts there is one.  We also were advised to have her see an orthopedic specialist.  On the next day, Monday, the bruise looking thing started to move down her leg.  On Tuesday, Carol made an appointment with her regular Doctor since it was getting worse so quickly.  She was scheduled to see the Doctor today (Thursday).

Last night, she went to Youth Group at our Church.  The Youth Group prayed for her for a long time, and she was instantly healed.  When she came home, she said to me, “Look”.  She was carrying her crutches and she jumped up and down on her leg.  There was NO PAIN at all and she continues to be pain free.  The bruise looking thing is rapidly vanishing.  Carol canceled her Doctor appointment for today and we will cancel the one with the Orthopedic Specialist.  Praise The Lord! Thank You Jesus!  He is so good.

Today at school, Katie was telling everyone how God has healed her.  Many of the kids said, “I want to go to that church!”  God uses such things to draw others to Himself.  How about you?  What are you waiting for?  He loves you so much!