Spring Cleaning

The little forest in front of our house.This is our first week-end in many many weeks without rain. The rain has been such a blessing, but yard work was piling up. Our lawn (weeds) has grown to be about a foot as we have not had time or dry enough weather to mow it. Needless to say then, working all day, really just did the first layer. I mowed with the lawn tractor, carol used the push mower, I used the weed-eater, our children picked up toys and hoses.

We also have a little forested area in front of our house that the girls cleaned out so it would be less of a fire hazard. They got two truck loads of branches out of the area. Good work kids.

A good burn pile started.The kids have had their first full week off from school, and Carol has too, since she works at the school. They have been busy all week cleaning one room in the house at a time, from top to bottom. It is now time to relax and have a good Sunday off. Make time to make it to Church! It will do you good. And, if you are a father, “Happy Fathers’ Day”. And be sure to make the day special for your dad. John