McDougall Family Reunion

Click to see our pictures of the McDougall Family ReunionWe attended the McDougall Family Reunion last week-end, June 27 – 29.  We saw many relatives that we haven’t seen in a long time and many who we did not know.  It was a real fun time for the family.  The reunion was in Bonner and Missoula, Montana.  Bonner is just a few miles east of Missoula.

Friday evening, we had a nice get together at St. Ann Church in Bonner.  We enjoyed a great home made spaghetti dinner and good fellowship.  Saturday afternoon, we had a nice picnic at Greenough Park in Missoula; and on Sunday, we gathered once again at St. Ann Church in Bonner for a great breakfast buffet.

During the weekend, our children enjoyed a nice swim at the KOA campground where one of my brothers, and one of my sisters and their families were staying.  We went to church at SHEC, “South Hills Evangelical Church”.  What a wonderful service that was;  God certainly showed up there.   At our Saturday picnic, we took a nice hike around Greenough Park.  It is a very beautiful place.

We took lots of pictures and you can see some of them HERE and let others know that they can see them here.   Click “Comments” at the bottom of this post and leave a message.  We would love to hear from you.  John