Nice Comments on Myrtle’s Birthday Party

Click to see pictures, video, and comments.
Click to see pictures, video, and comments.

There have been some nice comments left about Carol’s Mom’s 80th birthday party.  You can read them HERE, along with lots of nice pictures and a ten minute video.

  • What a fantastic bunch of pictures you have done.
    Thank you very much for puting them on Internet, we really enjoy watching you all. Hugs
    Birgitta-Lars (Sweden)
  • You all did a great job honoring a great lady!!!!!!
    Douglas C. Houtz
  • WOW! What a special time.
    We all have benefited from the legacy we were given by our parents and grandparents, when I pause to ponder ( I’m told I do it frequently ) I’m truly humbled. It was so wonderful to see you all, and share this memory. Debby has been continually amazed at the family. I told her early on in our relationship that ‘this is as much fun as you can have without needing liquor license’, (joke).
    Steve Nordberg
  • Dear Auntie Myrtle: It was so fun to visit your birthday party in pictures! I’m so sorry we missed it, but it looks like you had a wonderful time. Our best wishes.
    Phil & Ruth