FastStone Image Resizer

Have you wondered how I got those nice frames around my photos? And, how about the text or “watermark” with our web site lightly on the photos?  I use a great free program called FSResizer by FastStone.  Visit them at for several very handy photo tools.  FSResizer is specifically made for Windows.  I do not use Window, however.  Our family computer runs on Ubuntu Linux and FSResizer works wonderfully under Ubuntu with WINE.  WINE is a program that enables certain Windows programs to run under Linux.  How Cool!

Besides making frames around the photos, and putting a watermark on them,  FSResizer also does them in BATCH mode, that is, a bunch at one time.  FSResizer also will resize the photos, rotate them, crop them, change the canvas, color depth, and color adjustments.  It will change the number of dots per inch that the photo is made up of.  Give FSResizer a try, it is a real slick lightweight program that I couldn’t do without.