Copy of E-mail from Missionary Heidi Darrin

This is a copy of portion of an E-mail we received from Sharon, one of our leaders for our missions trip to Moldova.  Please, pray for the situation mentioned.  Thanks.

If you would like to see the whole letter, which gives a glimpse into the life of a missionary in Moldova, click HERE.

E-mail from Heidi Darrin

Thought you all might enjoy this e-mail from Moldova.  Heidi Darrin is the wife of the newly appointed missionaries to Moldova that you will meet when we are there.  Blessings, Sharon—On Wed, 7/30/08, Heidi Darrin wrote:

The Women’s Side of the Story…

July 2008

Dear Sharon,

This is Valentina and LaraI would like to ask you to pray for these two young ladies.Valentina works at a new store next to the market where we shop. Troy and I decided to see what the store was all about and that is how we met Valentina. Valentina was amazed that we are learning Romanian and that we truly like Moldova. We invited her and a friend to our house for dinner. A week later, we welcomed Valentina and Lara to our home. We ask for prayer because these two ladies have gone to America to work this summer. They left in May. I received an e-mail from Valentina and she shared that the job that was to be there for them (in a tourist area); was not. They went to America with an agency that works with their university here in Moldova. This agency helps students experience work in America. Valentina and Lara were so excited. It has been a long time since that last e-mail from them; which makes me worry. I worry about their finances, about how they are being taken care of, what kind of jobs are being offered to them and who is doing the ‘offering’.  Human trafficking is very real. The longer I live in Moldova, the more I realize and understand how this is a reality around our world. I’m not saying that this is what has happened to Valentina and Lara. But please pray for protection and safety, for financial stability, that they are able to make great memories in America, and they will have safe travels back to Moldova this fall. Troy and I are anxious to see them, hear about their experiences in America, and continue to share Christ’s love with them.
Thank you for your prayers.