Moldova Missions Trip – Day 2 – Friday

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A Lost Day, Found Luggage, and Moldova

I mentioned on yesterdays post that our first day really ended somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  I have not gone to bed yet since we left Helena, and we will be on our third day when I finally wake up.  Our second day was kind of lost.

Not so with our luggage!

We flew all night long, with quite a bit of turbulence, to Frankfurt from Cincinnati, had a five hour lay over and boarded Moldova Air, with all of us flying on Moldova Air(see yesterdays post for an explanation).

The food on Moldova Air was probably the best we had.  It was certainly not extravagant but it was good.  Our flight had a pretty rough landing but we mad it down safely.

Once inside of the terminal, we proceeded to immigration. Once past immigration, we on to the luggage pickup area.  Slowly, one by one of our luggage appeared from behind the curtain.  Praise the Lord, they were all there… except one.  After some hand wringing, we checked the carts of our luggage that already went outside.  Sure enough, the missing piece was on someone else’s stack.  Prais the Lord again!

We were promptly met by Andy and Nancy Raatz and we loaded up the luggage on a rented van.  After a most thrilling ride (I’m not joking) through Moldova, we somehow safely arrived at the Pentecostal Union.  What a beautiful building!  We were greeted with “something small that they threw together.”  Wow!  Meat and cheese tray, veggies, fruit galore, and very tasty breads.  It was very good.

Once we were done eating our nice snack, we brought our bags to our rooms, unpacked, talked of what we might be doing, and reminded to “Be Flexible” as things could change from day to day.  It is now late in the evening in Moldova, and we are all very tired from the two days run together into one.  It was good, and we are glad to be in Moldova.  Good night!