Moldova Missions Trip – Day 5 – Monday

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A Good day of Work

Today was a good work day.

It started with a great devotional time led by Jim S.  We ate some good breakfast and off to work we went.

We worked on the church at Orhei.  We knew our routine from working there on Saturday; and we were able to get right on the job and work. Good progress was made on installing the metal studs, insulating and sheet rocking. Downstairs, others began tiling the hallway. The day was not glamorous, but was quite efficient. We got a lot of the work done that we came to do.

Lunch was very good, and the food was not piled on us like it was on Saturday.  That was good, since we didn’t want to take an after lunch nap like we did on Saturday.

The afternoon was just as productive, but the tile layers hit a dead end because they did not have some of the tools they needed, like a tile saw.

We had a pizza dinner back at the Pentecostal Union.  This is the second time we had pizza.  Andy mentioned that since choices are so small, when you find a good place, you tend to eat their food often.  We had a relaxing evening.  Several of us walked over to a store that is just a couple of doors down the block, but the bank there was already closed so we couldn’t exchange any money.  The weather today has been cool, which was nice for working.  This evening it is raining.

Thanks to all who are sending messages to us and praying for us. We appreciate it all, and we appreciate you all.  If you want to send a message to the team, go to the main Moldova page HERE and look on the right side column and click the “send a message” button.  We love you all and miss you!

Click the pictures to see a few photos of the day.  We didn’t have as many photos today because we just got down and dirty.