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From Nancy Raatz’ Blog “The Journey: Soon.” Saturday, October 18, 2008


This past Thursday we met as a Home of Hope staff with staff of another group that takes in trafficked women on a short term basis. They had 3 women to refer to us. Next week we’ll go to their shelter, meet the women and then arrange for when they will come to the Home of Hope.

The first women is 27, a twin and has one daughter and also is the caretaker for her niece, daughter of her twin. She was trafficked with her twin sister, who is still abroad.

The second woman is 22 and has a two year old. She is one of several in her family who was trafficked.

The third is 17 and was trafficked within Moldova.

Please pray for us as we begin to work in the next week with these women and children. The need is so great and we need God to lead us in a mighty way. We need His hand upon us and we need to show these women His hope.

As I’ve been in the home I’ve been praying that the peace of God would envelope those who enter and live there. I pray that they would see who He is. The work won’t be easy, but we do want to see lives changed and we believe we will.

Thanks for praying with us in this time.

Posted by NancyR at 9:15 AM