Digging Out

A Jefferson City Wintery Day A Snowy Winter Day

We spent most of Christmas Day in the house watching the snow fall and enjoying our gifts that we received.  The kids took the opportunity to sled down the hill for a bit, but other than that, the snow just kept coming and coming.

Today, we spent a portion of the day digging out.  The plow on the truck was acting flaky so I took out a test meter and found that a solinoid was not working correctly.  I happened to have a spare, thank you Lord, so in no time, I replaced it and the plow worked better than it has in a long time.  That is a good thing because it really got to work today.

J.J. road in the truck with me while I was plowing, while the girls helped Carol shovel off the very heavy snow from the deck, and shovel the snow off the sidewalks.

The sun is doing it’s best to keep shining.  It is a very beautiful day.  Click a picture to see our wintery neighborhood.