Dennis Agajanian Concert

Dennis Agajanian in Helena, Montana
Dennis Agajanian in Helena, Montana

Our family was given a couple of group passes to a Dennis Agajanian concert. We have a couple of albums from him, and took the opportunity to see him in concert.

What a concert it was.  He was sponsored by our local “Optimist Club“, and the concert was held at a school auditorium in Helena.

Dennis could pick the guitar faster than I could think.  He did the Hallelujah Chorus on the guitar!  It was fantastic.

Dennis seemed like an ordinary guy, and when the sound system went kaput for a bit, he didn’t skip a beat.  He moved off the stage and came down and sat on the steps to it and continued playing.  It was awesome.  When a guitar string broke in the middle of a selection, he swooshed it out of the way and, again,  never missed a beat.

He certainly loves the Lord, and told us plainly what the Lord means to him.  He was not intimidated or bashful about it.  Click the picture to see a larger view, and visit Dennis’ web site HERE and see all he has done, and purchase a CD.

The concert was excellent!