Above The Clouds

A Snowcave at Grandma's House Playing in the snow above the clouds The Kids at Blacktail Mountain Ski Resort Katie Playing In The Snow Alia All Bundled Up Ana and Desire' having fun. Would Dad really do that to Alia? Did Alia really drive the snowmobile alone??? Katie and Desire' racing around having fun. Heather reading a book about Narnia to the kids.

We enjoyed a week-end in the Flathead Valley with Carol’s family. While up there, we did a bit of snowmobiling.

The entire time we were there, a heavy cloud cover blanketed the entire valley, with an inversion,  from Polson to Glacier National Park.  We drove above the clouds and did our snowmobiling near the Blacktail Mountain Ski Resort.  We drove through a frosty layer of clouds, and when we came out on top, the sun was so bright, we could hardly stand it.  We found a good place to view the valley, and what a sight we were to see.  A sea of clouds with beautiful island mountains sticking through.  Here is a short video of the valley from “Above The Clouds”.  Also, see some pictures of our fun time of snowmobiling.  Click a pictire to see a larger view.  Thanks Doug for inviting us to have fun with your toys!