Sledding on Palm Sunday

Isn’t it neat when you go to church and God REALLY shows up? Today was one of those days.  I feel sad for those churches that have such a small view of God that they don’t expect Him to show up there.  He is so good, and He is healing lives, inside and out.

After church, we were invited to some friends house for brunch.  We had all of the eggs, bacon, and french toast that we could possibly put inside us.  Oh so very good.

Last Sunday, seven days ago, we received over 20 inches of new snow.  It has been melting quickly, but we have enough left that Ana, Alia, and J.J. could have a fun time sledding on it.   They tried sledding on it last Sunday, but it is almost impossible to sled in 20+ inches of snow.

Here are some pictures of the day.  Click on them to see larger views.


Good brunch on Palm Sunday Good friends enjoying Palm Sunday Brunch Ana and Alia sledding on Palm Sunday J.J. sledding on Palm Sunday. J.J. crashing with Ana coming up behind. Alia sledding down, and J.J. walking up. Alia crashes good! Ana sledding on Palm Sunday.