Easter in Glasgow

Click the picture to see lots of Easter Photos.
Click the picture to see lots of Easter Photos.

We just got back yesterday from a busy Easter week-end in Glasgow, Montana.  We put more than 800 miles on our Suburban.

Heather now lives in Glasgow,  so we decided to visit her for Easter.  Co-incidentally, some friends of ours son was getting married on the same week-end.  The week-end was very busy but fun.

On Friday, after the long trip to Glasgow, we met Heather and Carol’s mother Myrtle.  Myrtle came by train and we showed up just as the train was arriving.  That evening, we were invited to the rehearsal dinner.  We had a very filling taco dinner.  On Saturday evening, we went to the beautiful wedding.  After the wedding, we were served a full roast beef dinner buffet.  Oh, the food!  After a quite short night sleep, we got up bright and early for Easter Church Service.  Since we were so far from home, we decided to have Easter Baggies instead of Easter Baskets.  That worked out great.

After Church, we took a trip to Fort Peck Reservoir.  The dam on Fort Peck is 3.8 miles long and is earthen.  It is very large.

We got back from our little site seeing trip just in time for an Easter dinner pot-luck.  More food!  After Dinner, we went to some friends house and the kids played lots of games having to do with raw eggs!  Take a look at the pictures to see some gooey messes.

On Monday morning, we were invited to our friends’ house for breakfast.  We had piles of biscuits and gravy.  Oh, my!  We then packed up our Suburban for the long trip home.

When we got back into Helena, we met Carol’s sister and her husband Dave along with their daughter and her husband and their little boy at Pizza Hut.  We ate a lot of pizza, then headed home.  It was a great week-end, but there is no place like home, and no beds like our own.

We hope you had a great Resurrection Day!