Our Maiden Voyage

We took the opportunity that Field Day gave, as a chance to test out our “new” 1977 camper.  I belong to the Capital City Amateur Radio Club, and we attended a national event called Field Day.  This year, Field Day ocured on June 27 and 28.  We gathered up our supplies and headed out to Devils Elbow, a campground on Houser Lake, which is on the Missouri River.  Even though this was an Amateur Radio event, we used our time to get out in the camper.  We had a great time, and this was a good time to work out the “bugs”.  We discovered a couple of things we lost or forgot, but overall, we had everything we needed.  We were only able to stay over one night, from Friday to Saturday, as we had a busy church schedule on Sunday.  Here are some pictures of our fun weekend.

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Field Day in our "new" camper Alia Finding Some Valuable "Leave-er-rites" Our Camp Spot The Kids Tossing Rocks Into The Lake Desire' J.J. in the "upper" bunk. Alia in the "Upper" bunk. Desire' feeding the seagulls. The gulls discovered Desire's food.