Alia’s New Eyes

Alia was born with congenital cataracts. She had the lenses in her eyes removed when she was a few weeks old.  Ever since then, she had to wear very thick glasses to compensate for her eyes having no lenses of their own.  We tried contacts for a short while, but they proved to be too difficult.

We have been waiting years for her to get big enough to have surgery so artificial lenes could be implanted in her eyes.  That time has finally come.  On Tuesday, Aug. 11, Alia had a new lens implanted into her left eye, and a week later, she had her right eye done.  When she is all healed up, she will still have to have glasses, but now they will be ordinary ones like yours and mine.

We praise the Lord for the wisdom He has given our scientists and doctors to be able to do this.  Even a few years ago, children born with this problem grew up nearly blind.

On our way home after eye surgery on Alia's left eye Alia sporting sunglasses to protect her "new" eye. At night, Alia wears protection over her left eye. With both eyes done, Alia wears protective shields over her eyes at night.