Resurrection Sunday

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We spent Easter at home this year. Easter is always a good time of the year, as we remember what Jesus did for us.  If you don’t know what Jesus did for us, here it is in a nut shell.

  • God created man in a prefect world
  • The first man and women rebelled against God and brought sin into the world.  All have sinned and rebelled ever since.
  • The penalty for sin is death – physical and spiritual – eternal separation from God
  • God loves us so much, that He doesn’t want to be separated from us, though no sin can be in his presence
  • God took it upon Himself to come to save us from what we are powerless to do.
  • He was born a man – a sinless man.  He was killed for our sin, and suffered the consequence of our sin
  • It didn’t end there,  He also overcame death and rose to new life, so those that believe in Him will also be raised to life after we die.

We will all be resurrected when He comes again.  Those who put there trust in Him will be raised to eternal life, those who continue to rebel against Him will be raised to eternal damnation.

He doesn’t desire that ANY should perish.  He loves us so much, He wants us all to choose Him and Life.

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What will you choose?

Please, don’t take my word for it, read it your self in the Bible, from the beginning to the end, and …. BELIEVE!

Click on the picture to see a slide show of us coloring eggs and having a good time.

The youth of our church did a small “human video”.  Click play and watch the video.

– John

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