A Couple of Hours Without … Internet!

On May 3, we lost power for several hours due to a severe wind storm. Power was out in areas from Helena to Basin, MT, in which we are in between.  As the evening drew on, we new we needed to make some plans as the kids still had homework to do.  We lit some candles, and fired up our oil lamp.  The kids mentioned that this is how it must of been in the old days.  NOT EVEN! 🙂

The worse of all though, was the fact that we had no Internet!  Oh My!!  Back in the “Old Days,” when we had to do a research project, we hoofed it to the local library and did “research.”  Now, it is mostly done on the Internet, and a report was due TOMORROW!  It is kind of funny though, as I asked the same questions that were posed to us in the “Old Days.”  “When was it assigned?”  “How long did you have to work on it?”  “When was it due?”  And, you know the answers to all of those questions.  Some things never change.  Click a picture for a larger view.

– John