Katie’s 16th Birthday

Click the photo to see more from Katie's 16th birthday.

We celebrated Katie’s 16th birthday last weekend. We all dressed up and went out to dinner at the Jade Garden.  We had a great time.  We were put in a back room with a couple of other large parties, and one couple.  One of the parties began to sing “Happy Birthday” to someone at their table.  As soon as they were done, the next party started singing “Happy Birthday” to someone at their table.  Of course, we couldn’t resist, we started sing “Happy Birthday” to Katie.  By that time, the entire room was singing “Happy Birthday”, laughing, and having a great time.  At home, she opened some presents, which included a nice Hope Chest.

The next day, Katie had a couple of friends over for a small private party.  They had a good time too.

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring a camera with us when we went out to dinner, but here are some pictures of Katie dressed up, and of her small private party.  Click the picture to see more photos.

Happy Birthday Katie,

We Love You!