WordPress Jetpack Update Failure

wordpressWhy am I posting a thing like this on our family blog?  Maybe it will help others that are having a similar problem with their blog.  I use WordPress as my blogging software.  Lately, my software updates have been failing.  Blogging software and other web/Internet software needs to be updated when there are discovered vulnerabilities just like other software.  I also use something called Jetpack that provides statistics and other functions for my blog.  It also needed to be updated and was failing.  OK, I am going to get a little geeky here, so if this is of no interest to you, then thanks for stopping by.

To fix this:

  • First, log into your web site administration control panel however you do it.  For me, it is cpanel. Get into your file manager and find your plugin directory.
  • Find the jetpack directory inside your plugin directory and delete the whole jetpack directory.
  • Do a plugin update if required.
  • Do a WordPress update.  It took quite a while for me.  If it asks you to do a database update, do it.
  • Reinstall the Jetpack plugin and activate it.
  • Have fun.

I hope this helps someone with a similar problem.