Fabricated or Family

Bridge Assembly
Bridge Assembly
Fabricated or Family

Fabricated or Family

A recap of where we have been.  For a long time, we were in 1st John and we learned how sound doctrine is so important.  The past few weeks, we looked at:
A View From Here Is… looking at what a biblical view is,
Uniquely Purposed, God has given me a specific purpose for such a time as this, and last week,
Wired, before we have been conceived, God had a purpose for us.  He can use our past and present to give Him glory.

Each message was intended for us individually.  Personal.

Taking all of that, let’s zoom out a bit.  Relationship dynamics.  Us to God, us to church, and our personal lives.

Today:  Fabricated or Family

June 31, 2022

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