It’s Time to Acts – Part 9

Bridge Assembly
Bridge Assembly
It's Time to Acts - Part 9

It’s Time to Acts – Part 9

The last two week’s messages have been kind of hard.  We all have a desire to be useful by God.  Sometimes when we need to go to a certain place in our lives, we need to go through some hard places first.  Then, when we go through those places, we are really ready to go.  And in it all, we find that God is in charge.  Where do we place our confidence?

This principle gets exciting, but we must remember the 7 previous principles to get to this one.

Principle number 8: Obedience opens ongoing opportunities.

*** Opportunities always follow obedience
*** How is my obedience?

Acts 8:26-39

October 23, 2022

Expectations In This Series

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