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DownPour Festival 2008 – August 16,2008

Click to see slideshow of the DownPour Festival.
Click to see slideshow of the DownPour Festival.

Our family to a road trip yesterday (Saturday) to Great Falls to attend the annul “DownPour Festival” held there every year.  From their website, “DownPour Festival is a home-grown free-admission music festival held in Great Falls, Montana.  This was our first time attending, and we had a great time.  It is nice to be able to go and be thoroughly entertained, while keeping all the focus on Jesus.  It was a wholesome clean fun event for the whole family

Karest and Kyle’s Wedding, A Picnic at Terry and Birdie’s House – Aug. 1 & 2, 2008

Click the picture to see a slideshow of the weddiing.
Click the picture to see a slideshow of the weddiing.

We went to Kalispell for the weekend to attend the wedding of Carol’s Brother’s daughter, Karest.  The next day, we had a fun picnic at Terry and Birdie’s house.  Click the pictures to see slideshows of our busy weekend.

Click the picture to see a slideshow of the picnic.
Click the picture to see a slideshow of the picnic.

Cooling Off – July 24, 2008

Click the picture to see a slide show of our picnic.

We went to the Boulder River at the Galena Gulch Campground near Boulder, on Thursday evening for a simple picnic and to wade in the river.  We had a great time, playing around, finding pretty rocks, skipping rocks, playing tag, reading, and eating.  It was fun and refreshing.  John

Happy Birthday Desire’ – July 17, 2008

Click to see pictures of Desire's Birthday

We celebrated Desire’s birthday early again this year because it fell, once again, in the middle of Bible Camp.  It was a low-keyed event with just the family.  Click HERE to see some pictures.  Happy Birthday and have a blessed year Desi

Myrtle’s Birthday Party Was A Grand Success – July 5, 2008Photo Album of Myrtle's 80th birthday party

HERE is the first round of pictures from Myrtle’s 80th Birthday Party.  There are quite a lot of pictures here.  To view a slide show of the pictures click HERE.  If you would like to see an overview of all of them, click HERE.  We would love to have you leave comments.

A ten minute video can be seen HERE.

McDougall Family Reunion – June 27-29, 2008Earnest Angus McDougall

We attended the McDougall Family Reunion last week-end, June 27 – 29.  We saw many relatives that we haven’t seen in a long time and many who we did not know.  It was a real fun time for the family.  The reunion was in Bonner and Missoula, Montana.  Bonner is just a few miles east of Missoula.

Friday evening, we had a nice get together at St. Ann Church in Bonner.  We enjoyed a great home made spaghetti dinner and good fellowship.  Saturday afternoon, we had a nice picnic at Greenough Park in Missoula; and on Sunday, we gathered once again at St. Ann Church in Bonner for a great breakfast buffet.

During the weekend, our children enjoyed a nice swim at the KOA campground where one of my brothers, and one of my sisters and their families were staying.  We went to church at SHEC, “South Hills Evangelical Church”.  What a wonderful service that was;  God certainly showed up there.   At our Saturday picnic, we took a nice hike around Greenough Park.  It is a very beautiful place.

Test Flickr Web Photo AlbumsFlickr Test

I’ve been testing new ways of displaying our photo albums; because the way I have been doing it has been very labor intensive. Here is a sample of the Flickr Web Photo Albums. It is very easy to use. This sample is of some of the pictures I have taken while I travel around the beautiful State of Montana

Test Picasa Web Photo AlbumsTest Picasa Photo Album

I’ve been testing new ways of displaying our photo albums; because the way I have been doing it has been very labor intensive.  Here is a sample of the Picasa Web Photo Albums.  It is very easy to use.  This sample is of some of the pictures I have taken while I travel around the beautiful State of Montana

Katie’s Birthday May 6, 2008

We enjoyed a time together celebrating Katie’s birthday.  It was a low keyed affair with just the family.  Simple and nice.  Happy Birthday Katie, and may the Lord richly bless you this next year.

Montana Tunnels Tour – May 2, 2008

One of our daughter’s class went to take a field trip of the Montana Tunnels open pit mine. I had the privilege to help chaperone the trip. It was a great tour and very informative. Unfortunately, the gentleman who conducted the tour talked of some things as fact, while they are really someone’s opinion. We try to educate our children in the sciences. There is this thing called “the Scientific Method”. Our children have to know and apply the Scientific Method in their science classes and for their science fair projects. The Scientific Method says, in order to come up with a hypothesis, the experiment must be “observable, measurable, and repeatable”. In this, our tour guide failed. The Montana Tunnels open pit mine is located directly over an ancient volcano. But, our tour guide repeatedly comment that it happened about 50 million or so years ago. The carbonized, fossilized trees found were 50 million years old or so. How in the world did he or anyone else come up with that? Is that observable? No, he wasn’t there. Is it measurable? Probably not. Carbon dating has been shown to be extremely inaccurate. Is it repeatable? No way! Most likely, the 50 million year answer probably came because of preconceived ideas and beliefs, not scientifically.

It was unfortunate that he mixed this unprovable belief with all of the interesting facts that he showed ups. The ore, processes, mining, are all observable, measurable, and repeatable. How are we to expect our children to think for them selves and to be critically minded if scientific “beliefs” are to be mixed with facts in such a way as to presume all as fact?

None the less, the tour was fantastic. The Montana Tunnels operation is much larger than I imagined. It was great to get a tour of this facility since it is only a couple of miles from our back door. Click the picture or HERE to see the photo album of the tour.

John’s B.day – Ana D.A.R.E. Award – Alia Rat #1 – April 24,2008

Here is some catching up of pictures that have been piling up. The first few are of my birthday that has come and past again.

Then, some of Ana. Her class had an essay writing contest about D.A.R.E. Ana won the award for the best essay from her class. Great job Ana!

A couple of girls from the Missoula Children’s Theater came to the kids school to put on a cute play of the “Piped Piper”. All of the actors, except one from the Missoula’s Children’s Theater, were from the kids school. All of the auditions, practices and performances were done within four days. WOW! The kids did great and Alia did a great job playing Rat #1. See how cute she was in the play. Great job Alia! Click the picture to see the Photo Album.

One Reason Why We Live Here – Wildlife – April 21, 2008

A couple of days ago, before we got our big April snow storm, there was deer a-plenty. Here are some of them wandering around in our yard making our cat Mocco very nervous. After our snow storm, the elk came down near our house. Click HERE to see some pictures of the deer and a video clip we took of the elk.

Neighborhood Assembly of God Missions Banquet – April 12, 2008

On April 12, our church had our first Missions Banquet. Our speaker was Ron Maddux; and he really encouraged us as we walk out our call to missions as a church. We spoke live to Andy Raatz, one of our missionaries in Moldova. Our church is sending two teams of workers to Moldova this year. Carol and I will be (the Lord willing) going to Moldova in October. Please, pray that everything will come together for these trips. HERE are plenty of pictures from our first Missions Banquet. Enjoy

C.R. McDougall Transit Center – April 10, 2008Dad at AWARE's C.R. McDougall Transit Center

In the fall of 2007, my Dad was honored by AWARE, Inc. with the dedication of their new transit center to him, and named after him. We (all of our family, friends, and employees) had a surprise dedication party for him at the new building. Here are some pictures of the party. At that time, the building did not yet have signs on it. I just received some pictures, from my brother Tom, of my dad and the new signs. Congratulations Dad, you deserve it.

Snowmobiling on Ashley Lake – April 6, 2008

Our Daughters, Katie, Desire’, and Ana, went snowmobiling on Ashley Lake while we were in Kalispell on Saturday, March 22, over the Easter weekend. They had a total blast with Uncles, Aunt, and cousins. Here are some pictures taken from an old fashion “film” camera.


Safe Sitter – April 6, 2008 Our three students in front of training posters.

Three of our daughters, Katie, Desire’,and Ana, took the Safe Sitter class this week-end. Safe Sitter is an intensive training that prepares eleven to thirteen year olds for all kinds of situations that they may have to deal with while babysitting. The class includes training in CPR and choking hazards. All three of our daughters passed the class and got their Safe Sitter cards. Desire’ was the only student that achieved a 100% perfect score on the final test. Great job Desire’ and great job to all of our daughters on a job well done.

Melodee’s 50th Birthday Party – April 5, 2008

Here are the pictures from Melodee’s 50th birthday party. What a blast it was.

Click on the pictures to get a larger view. Click your browser’s “BACK” button to return to this page. rainbow1.jpg

2008 Mens’ Advance with Dave Roever and Music by the Plains Assembly of God Men – Feb.25, 2008

Here are some pictures from our 2008 Men’s Advance. (Its not a retreat. We are tired of retreating and chose to ADVANCE.) The main speaker was Dave Roever and the great worship music was led by the Plains Assembly of God men. Click HERE for the Blog entry. All of the Veterans were invited up front to be honored. The first group included my Dad. He is in a few pictures and has the blue shirt with suspenders. My Dad - Mac McDougall Veterns Honored. 2008 Mens Advance Veterns Honored. 2008 Mens Advance Veterns Honored. 2008 Mens Advance.  My Dad framed. Veterns Honored. 2008 Mens Advance.  Close up of Dad. 2008 Montana Men’s Advance.  400 Men honoring Vets. We had some great times worshiping our Lord. 2008 Montana Men’s Advance. Worship 2008 Montana Men’s Advance. Worship 2008 Montana Men’s Advance. Worship Here are a couple of blurry pictures of our speaker Dave Roever. 2008 Men’s Advance - Dave Roever 2008 Men’s Advance - Dave Roever And finally, here is a short blurry video of Dave playing the guitar and singing to us. <- Go to previous page.Home rainbow1.jpg

Two Lame Children. Feb. 8, 2008

Here are two of our children on crutches, One on Crutches Two on Crutches rainbow1.jpg

Christmas Program Dec. 2007

I know these are late. Here are some cute pictures of our Church’s Christmas program. Church Christmas Program 2007 Church Christmas Program 2007 Church Christmas Program 2007 Church Christmas Program 2007 Church’s Christmas Program rainbow1.jpg Home

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