Snow Ad Nauseum

Ad Nauseum: Latin term used to describe an argument which has been continuing “[to the point of] nausea”.

Our snow is now no longer a point of fascination.  It has turned “monumental.”  When I posted my previous entry, we had eight to ten  inches of snow.  Now, several hours later, I plowed one more time and need to do it a third time, we have close to 20 inches of snow.  And, it is still snowing like crazy.  I am not looking forward to plowing yet a third time, but I will need to before it starts getting dark outside.

While I was plowing, I noticed flashing lights on the Interstate exit to Jefferson City.  Carol informed me that they closed the road beyond that point and were sending people back toward Helena.

I remind you it is March 29th — Spring time in the Rockies.

Here are a few more pictures of the ever piling snow, and a quick video of our Sunday morning church service at home.

Almost 20 inches of snow at Jefferson City, Montana Almost 20 inches of snow at Jefferson City, Montana Almost 18 inches as measured on our picnic table. Almost 20 inches of snow at Jefferson City, Montana There must be a hundred pounds of snow on this huge ponderosa pine branch Picnic tables in our back yard at Jefferson City, Montana The kids' playhouse is smothered by snowy branches

Here is a small video of a portion of our Home Church Worship Service.

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