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sewing machine wheel

   This picture was fun to edit on gimp. It is a picture of my moms old fashioned sewing machine, the wheel is what makes it sew. -Katie

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More photography pictures

this picture has another picture i will put on the next post i took this picture just right the first one i took did not turn out the way i wanted it to but it did the second time -Katie

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My Photography pics

I took these pictures for my photography class at school The bike gears were fun to take pictures of and i don’t know how i got it to look the way it does with the blueish colored background The one … Continue reading

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J.J. and Christmas

J.J. was really excited for presents, he couldn’t wait to open “The Big One” -Katie

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Pretty Daisy

I thought it would be cool if i took a picture of this flower, and i took it and looked at it and it really looked cool. i thought it stood out of the picture. (it looked 3D) -Katie

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Our Dog Nico

Nico is our dog, he is a fun dog and he likes to run. he also likes to lick you as you can see from this picture. -Katie

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