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John’s Birthday

Well, it happens to all of us.  Another birthday. When we are young, we look forward to our birthdays, as we get older, we don’t really care to be reminded that we are growing older. This year, though, I was … Continue reading

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It Happened!

I’ve been hacked! My web sites have been hacked.  Fortunately, the hack was so bad that it just broke the web site and I noticed it right away.  It looks as if they came in through my hosting company some … Continue reading

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My Experience Installing Ubuntu 9.04 – Jaunty Jackalope

Ubuntu 9.04 – code named Jaunty Jackalope, was released on April 23. I am always (maybe too) eager to upgrade to the next version of Ubuntu as new features are always added, making it an even better operating system. Yes, … Continue reading

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The Post You Probably Never Saw & Linux

It is very rare that I delete a post after it is published. I made this rare exception yesterday. The post was about a school teacher that reprimanded a student after he shared Linux disks with his fellow students. The … Continue reading

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