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Arwen Arwen The new scratching post for the catsArwen doesn't waist time getting used to the scratching post.Arwen on the top of the new scratching post. Arwen after her surgery with a sock on her neck. Arwen after her surgery.

As I mentioned on my previous post, we got a new kitten on Labor Day. She is a ball of pure energy.  Arwen (the new kitten) and Mocco (our older cat) like scratching and destroying our house.  To help ease this problem, I made a new scratching pole for them.

On Sunday (Sept 13th) we had her spade.  That made her very mad and we paid for it for the next 24 hours.  She started licking the incision and we went through many difficulties and a sleepless night trying to get her contained.  Finally, in the middle of the night, we managed to wrap a large wool sock around her neck to prevent her from licking the would.  We had her contained in a pet carrier, and the cat turned into “catzilla.”  Ana stayed home with her on Monday, while the rest of us went to work and school.

She is now doing great; and the incision is healing up nicely.  As for us, we are still tired!

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We had a very fun and eventful Labor Day weekend. We started out camping at our favorite campground.  All was great until around midnight when the owners of our neighboring camp arrived at their camper, started their generator and partied until the wee hours of the morning.  Katie, Desire’ and Ana were trying to sleep in the tent.  We finally had them come into the camper.  The next night, they did not party, but came and went a couple of times all through the night.  They started the generator in the middle of the night when they arrived.

We had fun days, but we finally decided to come home and sleep in our own beds.  We played games, and listened to a portion of the audio book “Black” by Ted Dekker.

On Monday, the girls were thrilled to receive a new kitty (yes, our second cat).  She is a rough and tumble kitten that we named Arwen from the Elf Arwen in the Lord of the Rings.

Here is a video summing up the weekend.

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