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How I Add Watermarks To My Photos

Sometime ago, someone mentioned that they would like to add their name to their photos like I do. I do it a couple of different ways, depending on where the picture is located (on my computer, or on my phone).  … Continue reading

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Jupiter and Its Moons

Last night, (Friday, August 27) my wife, Carol, and I were looking at the near full moon.  There was a bright start to the right and a bit lower than the moon.  Carol commented that she doesn’t remember that star … Continue reading

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John’s Birthday

Well, it happens to all of us.  Another birthday. When we are young, we look forward to our birthdays, as we get older, we don’t really care to be reminded that we are growing older. This year, though, I was … Continue reading

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My First Animation

I did my first computer animation. I decided I would like to try animating part of the Mandelbrot Fractal. Our computers run on Ubuntu Linux; and I used the following software to do my little project: I used “Fraqtive” to … Continue reading

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My Experience Installing Ubuntu 9.04 – Jaunty Jackalope

Ubuntu 9.04 – code named Jaunty Jackalope, was released on April 23. I am always (maybe too) eager to upgrade to the next version of Ubuntu as new features are always added, making it an even better operating system. Yes, … Continue reading

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