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On Saturday evening, March 21, Neighborhood Assembly of God had their 2009 Missions Banquet. Our Keynote Speaker was Missionary Andy Raatz, missionary to Moldova.  Carol and I had the privilege of traveling to Moldova in October 2008 on a short term missions trip with Neighborhood Assembly.  What an awesome time it was.  You can read, and see all about it HERE.

Besides being blessed with a challenging message from Andy, on personal love for those we are serving, we were blessed by the music of Cissy Padget.  She is Helena’s own singer, song writer, and author.  We also heard from Tim Kern, our local missionary to the college campuses of Helena and Chi Alpha.  Jeff Larson gave us an update on past projects that we have begun in Moldova, and Craig Charlton was a superb Master of Ceremonies.

Andy, then spoke at our church services on Sunday.  We had a good time of prayer for him, his family, Moldova, and the Home of Hope.

Click HERE to see a bunch of pictures from this good Missions Banquet.

neighborhood Click HERE for Neighborhood Assembly of God Church.

Click HERE for Andy’s web site “Harvest Moldova”.

Click HERE for our Moldova Missions Page.

cissy_padget Click HERE to see more information about Cissy Padget.

ccf Click HERE to see Chi Alpha’s web site.


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Click this picture to see photos from our trip home from Moldova.

The Long Day, Home, and SNOW???

Today we left Moldova for home.  We had to get up about 4:00 a.m. Moldova time on Monday, March 13.  This was 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evening in Montana.  Reva and Brianon left on Sunday for Romania, to do some visiting there.  Jerry and Ruth traveled from Moldova to Frankfurt with us where we left them to do a little vacationing. This left eleven total to return to Helena out of the fifteen members of our team.  On our trip TO Moldova, we had several multi-hour layovers, on our trip back to Montana, we RAN from one flight to the next.  It kept up awake if nothing else.

We were blessed to have Anne Graham Lotz on our flight from Moldova through to Cincinnati.  She had a womens conference in Moldova while we were there.  How cool is that?  When we were waiting for our flight in Salt Lake City, we were blessed to come across Helena’s own Cissy Padget who was just coming back from Texas.

We arrived back in Helena about 9:30 p.m. after more than 24 hours of flying.  Monday ended up being about 30 hours long for us before we found our own beds.  We were even able to sleep considering our bodies were still on Moldova time where it was about 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

We heard that we had a lot of snow at home while we were away.  We had about 18 inches of snow.  Thank you Renee for taking care of our children while we were away and through the snow storms. Thank you to Dave and Hoss for taking care of and repair our vehicle that we left for Renee.  Thank you Dave and Bob for plowing our driveway so Renee and our children could get home during the snow storm.

We also thank everyone for their prayers and messages while our team was in Moldova, as they were such an encouragement.  Now that we are back, I will go back and correct all the spelling and grammatical errors in the posts for the past twelve days.  Our children were quick to point them out to me.  When Jerry and Ruth get back, I will post some of their pictures since they took many of them.  Andy Raatz also has many on his web site and I will put a link to them on our main Moldova page at .

We had a blessed time in Moldova, but it is very good to be back home.

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