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Part of our family’s tradition, is to go to Glacier Bible Camp for our vacation. This year, camp started on July 3rd and went through July 10.  We had a very good time.  Here are some snippets and pictures of this year’s vacation.  Click your Internet Browser’s “back” button to return here after viewing the slide shows.  Enjoy!


Click the picture to see more of our 4th of July.

We spent July 4th at Ashley Lake, near Kalispell.  We had lots of fun with lots of friends and lots of relatives.  The kids got plenty wet, we did plenty of boating, we ate plenty of food, then we watched plenty of fireworks.

Click the picture to see our fireworks.

After the fun day, we set off a bunch of fireworks.

Click the picture to see more of Ana's Honor Star Crowning.

On Monday, July 6,  Ana and several other girls were Crowned as Honor Stars. Each girl spent a couple of year meeting several requirements that include a lot of Bible reading and memorization.  Great Job Ana!

Click the photo to see more from the fun NASCAR parade.

On Wednesday, July 6, the camp had a parade.  This is about the third year for the parade, and it has become a fun part of family camp.  This year’s theme was NASCAR.  Here are some of the imaginative entries.

Click the photo to see more of our relaxing evening with family and friends.

Bible Camp is always a good time to relax with family and friends. On Thursday, July 9, we had some of both over to the cabin.

Click the photo to see more of our fun at Lion Lake

Our last full day at camp was Friday, July 10. We enjoyed a bit of time at Lion Lake, a small lake near Hungry Horse lake.  It has become part of our time at camp and enjoy getting wet here most every year.

Click the photo to see more from "Spoon Lake"

Spoon Lake

A few years ago, we stopped by a small lake (pond?) on the way home from Glacier Bible Camp, to stretch our legs.  While fiddling around, one of the kids found an old spoon.  We took that spoon and buried it at the base of a certain tree, and christened the lake “Spoon Lake”.  We though it would be fun to check in the future to see if the spoon was still there.

This year, on the way home, we did stop once again at “Spoon Lake”.  After searching under the wrong tree for several minutes, we picked one last tree before leaving.  Lo and behold, there was the spoon.  It was full of pitch and took some time to clean it off.  We got some pictures and once again buried it for a future visit.

Where is “Spoon Lake” you ask?  We can’t tell you; you might go and find our bit of treasure.

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Click the photo to see more from Carol's and Desire's birthday party.

Carol and Desire’ celebrated their birthdays together on July 2nd.  It was early for both of them, but as almost always, Carol’s usually occurs during Family Bible Camp, and Desire’s usually occurs during Jr. Teen Camp. This year was no exception, so we relaxed with a day of celebration well ahead of their actual birthdays.  They both seemed to enjoy it.  Click on the picture to see more from their combined birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday Carol! Happy Birthday Desire’


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A Father, Daughter Love.

A Father, Daughter Love.

This past week-end, our family loaded up the Dodge Durango and headed up to Kalispell for a family wedding.  Our niece, Karest got married to her boyfriend Kyle.  The wedding was a real nice outdoor wedding on the shore of Whitefish Lake.  Photos were a challenge because the sun was setting directly behind the bride and groom, across the shiny lake.  I was, however, able to catch a few nice ones.  The sunset afterwards was magnificent.  See photos of the wedding and sunset by clicking HERE.

The wedding was on Friday.  We were invited over for a barbecue at some

Roasting Hot Dogs at our fun picnic.

Roasting Hot Dogs at our fun picnic.

friends house on Flathead Lake.  Our hosts, Terry and Birdie, has a fire ring made of landscaping blocks, in their yard.  We had a great time cooking hot dogs over the fire, playing in the yard, and taking a walk down to the lake.  We went home tired and satisfied.  See photos of our picnic by clicking HERE

During our hot dog roast, actually while having smores, Ana said her tooth hurt.  We looked at it, and one of her molars was split in two. We were unsure as what to do, because we were going home the next day (Sunday) and Ana was to hop on the bus on Monday morning and head back up to Bible Camp.  We called the hospital, and they said we could come in and they would refer us to someone as they do not have dentists on call.  We then called our Dentist’s emergency line.  The Doctor himself answered the phone at his home.  We explained the situation to him; and he told us to give him a call about 15 minutes before we were to get to Helena on Sunday, and he would meet us at his office.  Wow! What service.

We got up bright and early Sunday morning, went to church and was getting ready to head out of town.  We started out, and before we actually got out of Kalispell, I noticed that our brakes were very mushy. I stopped at a gas station and checked the brake fluid; It was down a bit.  I bought a bottle of it and filled the reservoir.  I checked the brakes and they came up momentarily.  I had Carol push on the brakes, while I checked under the Dodge.  Brake fluid was spraying everywhere.  We ended up going back to Carol’s mom’s house and gave her brother a call. (The father of the bride that just got married.)  I pulled up the Dodge on some blocks and we crawled underneath.  The brake fluid was squirting out of the brake line about half way from front to back.  After some head scratching, we did some temporary repairs to get us back home with only front brakes.

Some of our children watching and wondering.

Remember, we were supposed to visit the Dentist about 2:00 in the after noon, it was now past 1:00 and we were still in Kalispell.  We gave a quick call to the Dentist, explaining the situation, and headed out.  We arrived in Helena about 5:00 in the evening and met the Dentist.  He spent no time at all examining Ana’s tooth, extracted it, then sent us on our way.  We was very kind, and the kind of dentist we all should have.  We got home in time to finish packing Ana and Alia for Bible camp and get to bed.

Oh, it’s nice to be in our own beds! John

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We just returned from a great vacation. We celebrated Carol’s Mother’s 80th birthday, had a fun Independence Day, a super time at Glacier Bible Camp, and celebrated Carol’s birthday.  Once I get all the pictures sorted out, I will share them with you.

Vacations are great, but it is always nice to get back to our own home and to our own beds. yeah…


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