Post Controls

Screen shopt of McDougallshome.netHave you noticed the small controls in the upper right hand corner of each post? These controls help you with viewing the posts. Click on the picture to the left to see a sample of the screen where those small controls are visible.

Post ControlsBy clicking the small diamond shape control (which are really two very small arrows facing opposite directions), the sidebar on the right (the right side of the screen with “search” and “catagories” and such) will disappear and the screen will widen to show more of the post on the screen.

By clicking the small box with the “-” in it, the current post that the controls are with, will vanish, except for the title of the post. By clicking on the title of the post, a screen will come up displaying the post. This helps to get rid of screen clutter if you want to read only one post.

Try these controls out.  Clicking on a control again, reverses the process of that control.