Easter Hunt Overload

Its a Bird, its a plane, no… it the easter rabbit?

Is it Jesus returning for His own? NO…, its the Easter Rabbit!

While our older children went snowmobiling, our two youngest ones went on an Easter Egg (really, just candy) Hunt at a local church while we were here in Kalispell for Easter. What a joke! There were at least a thousand kids there. There was set up, three inflatable toys to play on for the 1000 kids. Lines were a half a block long for each inflatable when they announced that the inflatables would be taken down in 12 minutes. All of the children were then told to go near the area where the Easter Bunny and others were to parachute down from the sky, then the candy hunt would begin.

A plane flew over, dropping three parachutists then made another round in the sky. During the second round, out of the sky, like Jesus’ returning, the Easter Bunny parachuted down.

Once the parachutists (including the Easter Bunny) got off the field, the kids were let go to find candy. The area was divided into thirds according to age. So, with over a 1000 kids divided into the three areas, plus all the parents, they all ran forward to find the candy. The crowd was so dense, that the first wave of kids and adults traveling over the field picked up almost all of the candy, leaving almost nothing for the hundreds of kids to follow. I was with JJ; and he got about a dozen pieces of candy. That was pretty good considering the crowd. Alia, who was in with the older children, found four pieces of candy. What a zoo!

I was quite disappointed that this church had such a crowd show up with NO mention of what Easter is really about, “the fact of The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ“, either in the literature they handed out, or during any messages they were telling over the PA system they had set up out there. Instead, they had this giant white rabbit float down from the heavens to greet the kids.

When we got home, we did our own candy hunt. I threw a bag of candy across the lawn, and JJ and Alia had a great time running and collecting as much as they could. Fortunately, we did not waist too much time at the zoo.

Our Picture Gallery See some pictures of the hunt HERE, plus our own little hunt in the back yard of Grandma’s house.