Camping is for the Birds!

Our colorful weather map from yesterday got even more colorful.  It has been raining or snowing all day long; and we have canceled our camping trip.  We were to be camped right next to a river that may be out of it’s banks while I am writing this.  We decided that if the kids can get all of their chores done, we will relax around here and do whatever we want and have a good Memorial Day weekend in spite of the weather.

We live in a nice migratory path, and get some very beautiful birds coming through in the spring.  Today, we had a bunch of Lazuli Buntings come through.  HERE are some very blury pictures of some of them.  I took the pictures through the window with the lens zoomed in as far as it would go.  There was no way I was going to go out in the rain to take the pictures.  That is for the birds!