Fireproof, Wildlife, and a Fund Raiser

Saturday, October 25th, was a busy but good day. We started the day by all of us piling into the car, and heading off to Great Falls to see a movie.  It was not an ordinary movie, but the movie “Fireproof”.  “Fireproof” was made by Sherwood Baptist Church and starred Kirk Cameron. They are the same people that gave us “Flywheel“, and “Facing The Giants“.  If you are married, or contemplating on getting married, you NEED to see “Fireproof”.  It was an extremely good movie, and had us in tears for a good part of it.

On the way home, we took the Recreation Road along the Missouri River between Great Falls and Helena.  We rounded a corner, and came face to face with seven mountain goats.  What a beautiful site.  We snapped a bunch of photos; click on them above, to see larger images.

Once back in Helena, we stopped off at the historic Kleffner Ranch where there was a fund raising benefit for Tressa, a friend of ours who is battling cancer.  Visit their web site HERE for information on how YOU can help out.  The turnout was great, and we are glad so many friends and relatives showed up to give support, both moral and financial.  May God bless and heal you Tressa!

Yes, it was a busy day, but a good day!  John