Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge - Montana

I have never seen the movie “The Cross And The Switchblade“.  I received the movie as a Christmas present this past Christmas and viewed the film.  If you have never seen the film, it is about a pastor named David Wilkerson who was obedient to the Lord and went to New York City to minister to the gangs.  To make a very long story short, many gang members came to the Lord and had their lives were revolutionized.  That was fifty years ago.

Fast forward fifty years.  At Neighborhood Assembly of God Church today, a group of wonderful ladies from Teen Challenge in Missoula, MT visited us, gave testimonies, and performed a “human video” for us.  It was a VERY POWERFUL service, and the presence of God was very “thick”.

What did the movie “The Cross And The Switchblade” and today’s service have in common?  That same Pastor David Wilkerson who ministered in the streets of New York City over fifty years ago, is the founder of “Teen Challenge”.  The ladies, who’s lives have been changed by the Lord,  that visited our service today were a direct result of a pastor that was obedient to the Lord in a different part of the country fifty years ago.

What are you doing for eternity?  Do you think that it takes someone great to change the future?  As I read the Bible, I am reminded time and time again, that God uses ordinary everyday people who are obedient to Him.  Let us obey Him together, and we will “CHANGE THE WORLD!”