Alia’s Horse

Alia just loves horses and wanted for a long time (even at her young age), wanted to learn how to ride them.  The owners of the historic Kleffner  Ranch go to our church, and Stacy and Alia have fallen in love with each other.  Alia has had several opportunities to visit their ranch and has on occasion, ridden one of their horses.

Stacy also wants to learn how to ride a horse, so Alia and her are going to learn how to ride together.  Alia is so excited, she can hardly stand it.

The other day, Alia spent some time drawing a horse with her on it.  She very carefully cut it out and proudly posted it on the refrigerator.  I scanned the picture and here it is.  Click on it for a larger view.  Good job Alia!


Alia and her horse.
Alia and Her Horse. Click for a larger view.