I Made it on “Soldersmoke”

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Podcasts listed on McDougllsHome.net
I Made it on "Soldersmoke"

Soldersmoke Logo by n3umwIf you are interested in Homebrew (home made) electronic equipment, you should listen to “Soldersmoke“. It is a podcast done by Bill-N2CQR in Rome, Italy for Amateur Radio operators interested in homebrew electronics. I got mentioned in the latest episode, episode #77. I was traveling for my job along the Gallatin River near Big Sky, Montana. The river was flowing nicely with beautiful snow covered rocks in the middle. There was a big bull moose standing in the river. I was listening to Soldersmoke #76 while I was traveling through this area. Bill was having a very loud thunderstorm while he was recording the podcast and the rain and hail gave me great sound effects for the river I was watching go by. I e-mailed Bill and described this scene and he got a chuckle out of it and mentioned it on Soldersmoke. I also described how I believed I had “The Knack“, and he related to that.